Creating Momentum: Coaching & Training for DMM Practitioners

June 10-12, 2024 Location: New Westminster E Free Church

Join us for a special time of in-depth training and coaching with Curtis and Debie Sergeant.

From 1991 to 2002, the Sergeant’s worked as missionaries in China. They arrived on an island with a population of about 7 million and fewer than 100 known Christians worshipping in unregistered churches. Historically, this island was where the Chinese government exiled criminals and those who had fallen out of favor. It was a poor, resentful and violent place. It was, literally, “the ends of the earth.” By 2008, there were more than 500,000 followers of Christ.

The focus of our days together will be to help DMM practitioners become better disciple makers and catalysts for movements. Curtis will coach participant’s “case studies” for the immediate impact of discerning and overcoming core obstacles, while also teaching us how to coach towards movement.

Cost: $100 (This is a community event where we pay our way.)



  • Morning: explore 1-2 case studies, Curtis model his coaching (responsive worship & prayer)
  • Lunch: (sandwiches in the meeting hall)
  • Afternoon: “Bonding” field trip … jump on a bus and take Curtis & Debie to see some key sights.
  • Dinner: together.


  • Morning: explore 1-2 case studies, Curtis model, perhaps assist someone to help coach (responsive worship & prayer)
  • Lunch – random local choices
  • Afternoon: explore 1-2 case studies, or Curtis discern to train in a common gap (responsive worship & prayer)
  • Dinner: everyone on their own.
  • Public Evening: Sergeant’s Story –  an invitation to become a DMM practitioner.


  • Morning: Collaboration Training (i.e. APEST)
  • Lunch – (sandwiches in the meeting hall)
  • Afternoon: Collaboration Training (i.e. APEST)

Tuesday night is oriented to activating prospective DMM practitioners.

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