Our staff are our greatest resource and we strive for in excellence as we seek to create relational environments of mutual discovery and transformation.

Our full time staff are:

Tim & Ute Warkentin

Tim & Ute moved to Vancouver in 2004 with their three kids and Amy Wilson after serving with our ministry partner Novo US for eight years. They served with NieuCommunities until 2010, when Tim took on the lead role with Novo Canada as well as focusing on ministry leaders through strategic planning, team building and LifePlanning.

Amy Wilson-Roberts

Amy has been on staff with CRM’s NieuCommunities ministry since 2003. She has lead the Vancouver site since she moved there in 2004. NieuCommunities is a collection of mentoring and sending communities, exclusively focused on the development of younger missional leaders.

Emmanuel & Grace Ndabarushimana

Restoring the Ruins of Burundi. Burundi is a small war-torn country in Central East Africa. For decades, Burundi has experienced bloodsheds due to tribal conflicts. The Gospel of Jesus is a message of healing and reconciliation. It has the power to reconcile. With this conviction in our heart, we felt God compelling us to leave the comfort of Vancouver, Canada, and take this message of reconciliation and healing to the nation of Burundi. Please join us as we spread the message of reconciliation and healing!

Partner Staff

Canadians like you have the opportunity to partner with the staff of our Novo partners ministries like Deric & Amber Moen and Michael & Erika Phillip


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