Novo Canada is a band of creative missionaries—determined, innovative, and responsive to the leading of the Spirit.

As part of the global Novo movement, we are…


We are disciples—deeply committed to knowing and following Jesus. We pursue intimacy with Jesus as our most important work and the foundation of all we do. We dedicate ourselves to the ongoing work of spiritual formation as we are each renewed in his image. We listen to the Holy Spirit for wisdom, strategy, and direction. We follow Jesus wherever he leads and join in his mission—the redemption of people everywhere.


We are creatives—visionaries, communicators, artists, and entrepreneurs. We look for opportunities to partner with God through innovative strategies and creative ventures. We launch new efforts to accomplish God’s mission when traditional models and methods fall short. We believe creativity is critical to sparking and sustaining the gospel movements we long to see.


We are fire-starters—multiplying our impact by equipping and empowering others. We envision movements of God that extend far beyond what we can accomplish alone. We find and equip men and women who will make this vision possible and empower them to go. We mobilize those Jesus has called—sparking wildfires of kingdom transformation across the globe.


We are risk-takers—rising to new challenges, willing to lay our lives on the line for the cause of Christ. We embrace the call to hard places, following Jesus to those overlooked, oppressed, and unseen. We traverse cultural, linguistic, and geographic boundaries to be with anyone in need of good news, even when the cost is great.


We share the best we have to multiply gospel movements. We freely give to the body of Christ all we are learning in order to extend God’s redemptive work in the world, and we partner with others of common purpose to accomplish this goal together.

Ultimately, we believe nothing is as important as reaching the nations with the good news of Jesus.


Novo Canada, is a sister organization to Novo U.S.

Novo began in California in 1980. At that time, it was known as Church Resource Ministries. There was a small band of staff, many with experience as Navigator missionaries. Their initial focus was on discipleship and leadership development among churches. God, over the years, has graciously added dimensions to the ministry that the original staff would likely not have believed possible at the time, such as…

  • team member’s connection with the Fuller School of World Mission,
  • the Glen Eyrie Revival in 1985,
  • the addition of InnerCHANGE in 1985,
  • staff with a meaningful presence in 104 countries around the world,
  • the growth of CoNext, more about that next…

In the mid-90’s, Novo U.S. made a conscious decision that instead of a hierarchical centralized approach to the organization of international entities, that they would “instead evolve as an international partnership of national apostolic entities, as independent as possible, which relate to one another on the basis of shared vision, purpose, values, and beliefs.” (Too Great to Count, Our Journey to the Nations, Sam Metcalf) Canada is one of the 14 CoNext partners.


We, at Novo Canada, feel compelled and focused on raising up missionary teams in Canada to reach Canada. Canada is facing a discipleship crisis. Most Christian’s would probably not think of Canada as a mission field because it has a church.

For most of Canadian history it could be assumed that the church was producing Christians who had some sensitivity and commitment to reaching the least reached. Today that is not the case, if it ever was. In fact, we are not even producing disciples who make disciples in Canada. Faith Today ran an article called “Not Christian Anymore”. It states, “The 1996 God and Society in North America poll found 12 per cent of Canadians were evangelical affiliates. A 2015 poll found 9 per cent. Today that seems to have dropped to 6 per cent.” If that is the state of Evangelicalism in Canada, then how could we be expected to impact the nations. Our position is that self-replicating movements of the gospel are essential to the future growth of Christianity in Canada.

You can read more on Gospel movements here.


Who has God made you to be?

Let me tell you. At the most basic level, if Jesus is your saviour and Lord, then you are a child of God. If that’s the case, then you have also been invited into Jesus’ mission to redeem and reconcile all creation back to God. You have been made to heal the sick, raise the dead, and set the captive free. You are an ambassador of the King who was sent to transform the world.

The question is, are you living into that identity? If you’re longing for more, then please consider joining the Spiritual Authority Cohort and step into a fuller understanding of how to engage in Christ’s mission.

If you are following Jesus into the world, but are looking for a team, either as an affiliate or as a staff member, please contact us at contact at novocanda.org and put “Team” in the subject line.

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