Movement Pathway

September Location: Online

Are you ready to be a local disciple-maker that jumps in wholeheartedly to pursue the mission of God? The Movement Pathway will help you gain a vision for gospel movements and discover your role in them.

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The Movement Pathway is an 8-module, experiential training designed to encourage and empower you and your team to gather with everyday believers in your ministry context so that together you can learn how to connect with unreached pockets of people, share the gospel and make new disciples.


Each of the 8 modules include

  • a small amount of preparation work
  • followed by a Huddle gathering (virtual or in person) facilitated by a trained Huddle Leader. In each Huddle gathering you will interact and collaborate with others about what you are learning. For the best experience gather a small group of friends in-person to take the course together.
  • then participants will create an “I will” statement describing their intention to put into practice what they learned from the content and experience of each Huddle.

Read more information about what and the why of this training here: Movement Pathway Introduction for Disciple Makers Around the Globe


The Movement Pathway is a group experience. Our course will be online and you and the others on the call will form a huddle. Our huddle will go through all 8 modules, then be encouraged to get further equipping from a movement coach who will help you see breakthrough in your region.