Embracing Spiritual Authority and the Art of Blessing People

John Hall, President of Novo Canada, got to sit down with Nick Osborne on the Luminous Podcast to discuss spiritual authority.
By Luminous Podcast
Posted March 27, 2024

In January John Hall was interviewed by Nick Osborne for the Luminous podcast. In the episode John and Nick explore the topic of spiritual authority how it’s more than just about confrontations with the spiritual realm. Rather, our authority in Jesus permeates every aspect of our discipleship journey. We tackle the barriers that many of us in North America face, such as skepticism and secularism, and discover how intimacy with God, recognizing our identity as His children, and a matured faith are the keys to walking confidently in the spiritual authority granted to us. Finally, we unpack the concept of spiritual authority from a refreshing angle—focusing on blessing rather than battling.