Novo is a Latin word that means to make new. Our name is a powerful statement about the aim of our partnership with God’s work in the world—the redemption of people everywhere. We long to see men, women, and children made new in the image of Jesus.

Our name also describes how we go about this redemptive mission. We are innovators, artists, risk-takers, and catalysts. We believe creativity is critical to sparking and sustaining the gospel movements we long to see.

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Novo Canada works creatively to multiply gospel movements around the globe. Our leaders go, serve, equip, mobilize, and collaborate with others until the good news of Jesus is heard by everyone. We look for innovative ways to partner with God wherever he is making people new.

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God is doing some amazing things in the world and together we get to be a part of that. Novo Canada is seeing creative gospel movements develop and grow and we'd love to share updates with you. Sign up for our newsletter if you'd like to stay connected.
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